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If expert testimony should become necessary, we charge a fixed-rate fee (listed on your order form) as a non-refundable retainer due per day, or partial day, of testimony or travel, and all dates must be continuous. There is no charge for ground transportation (driving, parking, tolls, rentals, cabs, gas), accommodations and incidentals (meals, materials, tax, fees). Once named as your expert, preparation time (emails, phone calls, and document review) is a flat $1000, owed immediately, and is fully applicable toward the testimony fee.

Testimony will be based solely upon the evidence in accordance with professional standards, regardless of the client's preferred outcome.

Testimony dates are reserved, and travel arrangements made, once payment in full is received. Travel is portal-to-portal from Van Nuys, California and rescheduling can be done only once without consuming the first day's testimony fee as a cancellation-administrative fee. Upon advance request, testimony fees can be invoiced as expenses plus hours ($500/court & $250/prep-travel-waiting), which may exceed the Expert flat rate fee.

If expert testimony requires airline travel, all ticketing fees, including any change or cancellation fees, are the sole responsibility of client. Travel must use either Burbank (BUR) or Los Angeles (LAX) airport, and be non-stop first class or the closest alternative when unavailable. Flight times should account for potential delays caused by weather, security, or traffic. If extra days become required for causes beyond your expert's control (e.g. flight delays-cancellations, traffic, changes by the court, etc...), those extra days shall be owed as additional testimony/travel days by client. If an earlier return flight becomes possible, unused days will be refunded less the actual expenses incurred as a result of that change in travel plans. Early booking and refundable tickets are highly recommended.

DEPOSITION: The hourly fee is $500 (paid by the deposing party) plus $250 per hour of travel or waiting (paid by the hiring party). You can reduce my travel costs, and increase time availability, by selecting a venue near Van Nuys that offers both a conference room and a California Certified Court Reporter. Here are a few options:
    A Edelist Deposition Service Inc  (818-788-3376)
    HM Mannis Jeffrey & Co  (818-990-1770)
    Mannis Jeffrey & Co  (818-990-1770)
    US Legal Support  (818- 995-0600)

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